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Lovely, arn't they?

There are people in this world that have nothing better to do than bother you...

I live in a city, an old city...we have row houses here, no yards, one way streets, and the public sidewalk for everybody is right outside your doorstep.

Yesterday I was on my way to take care of something. I was on the public sidewalk. At one point this man and women popped up in front of me out nowhere...ok, no problem. Public right? The womens shoes caught my eye, not that they were anything fancy, but never the less, I looked. Then all the sudden I heard this "hi!" in a snotty and offended tone. I looked up, smiled and said "how ya doin?" like normal, but this person that was looking back at me was this short little Anderson Cooper look alike (love Anderson Cooper so no offense) that had this nasty complex about him, and was acting like I knocked on his door to use his bathroom or something. lol Public sidewalk. Get the fuck outta here! Take your bs someplace else!

So that incident is what bothered me until the next thing happened.

After I took care of what I had to care of , i was on my way back. I took a different route this time, hoping for some peace. Nope. I walked past this laundromat and whoever theyit were started pounding on the the glass window as I walked by, like a rabid beast! I ignoredit and didn't even look in that direction, but fuck! I hate that! Is it really that imprtant for me to look at you???

Those are my main complaints from yesterday. It's not often that anybody's ever normal with me. It's always to one extreme or another. Is it any wonder that a little crazy? Things like happen ALL the time! I'll keep ya posted...

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